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Digital Accessibility

For business of all sizes, digital realeastate is just as important as brick and mortar facilities. Because of laws requiring physical structures to be accessible, no one would consider constructing a public facility without; ramps, accessible trestrooms, or elevators. In recent years, courts have increasingly applied these laws to the digital realm.

2018 and 2019 saw record litigation regardig inaccessible digital content. Online transactions through web and mobile applications have been increasing exponentially year over year. When done right, technology levels the playing field for people with disabilities. In many cases, it can be life-changing by opening up employment opportunities or having goods delivered to their home or office.

Making digital content accessible can seem overwhelming; however, experts, like myself, can work with your design and devenopment teams to make the content accessible for all.


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  • Watch Your Pets from wherever you are.

  • Keep an eye on the kids after school when they get home before you do.

  • Find out what else your home has to tell you.

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ID Theft Protection: What is Your good Name Worth?

  • Lost Wallet Protection

  • Medical Record Monitoring

  • Child ID Protection

  • Child Social media bullying
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