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Acessibility Key on keyboard


Digital accessibility is more important than ever. With the recent emphasis on diversity and inclusion, it is becoming increasingly important to create inclusive products. In recent years courts have been ruling that the Americans With Disabilities Act and other laws apply to our digital real estate as well as our physical location. We would not typically think about putting up a tall building and not including elevators or wheelchair accessible bathrooms; however, this happens all too often in the digital space.

The good news is that more people are paying attention to accessibilty in the digital realm. There is no magic key to press that will make your content accessible. There is no overlay that you can buy that will make your content accessible - no matter what they claim. Accessibility can only be achieved through thoughtful design and development that embraces universal design and accessible coding practices.

This is where accessibility experts come in handy. We can examine your current content and let you know how accessible or inaccessible your current applications are through accessibility testing.

Assistive Technologies Level the Playing Field

When technology is developed properly, barriers are eliminated and users of all abilities can access it and do what they want. Designing and developing accessible applications open up a world of possibilities to users of all abilities.

Approsimatey 1/4 of the US population has some form of disability. Do you really want to leave them out???