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About Me

Currently, I am an Accessibility Quality Engineering Lead with CVS Health ensuring the Aetna Health Applicagtions are accessible for users of all abilities. I've been involved in accessibility in one way or another since 1997. Initially, this was as an end user struggling with the challenges of assistive technologies, lack of help from any tech support, and figuring out how to fix stuff on my own.

After stuggling with this for quite some time, I decided I wanted to take a more active role in ensuring content is developed to be accessible. By this point in life, I had already obtained a Master's Degree in Theology; however, I went back to school in 2010. After completing the degree, I spent a number of years teaching myself; HTML5, ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Application Markup), bootstrap, and doing anuything I could to keep the skills sharp.

After relocating to Denver Colorado, I was able to get connected with a great organization called Blind Institute of Technology. They assisted me with gaining some experience with accessibility testing and recognized the skills that were there. BIT also helped me get my foot in the door with Aetna, which is now part of CVS Health.

picture of Jeff Ritz Jr