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Accessibility Testing


Testing applications for WCAG/Section 508 Compliance is the only way to measure the level of accessibility of an application. Accessibility testing can be broken into 2 categories. Automated testing is a great way to get a quick over view of the accessibility of an application. Various automated testing tools are available; however, will vary depending on the platform. Manual testing should be the primary method for testing for accessibility. Manual testing can be done in conjunction with automated tests; however, automated tests are no substitute for manual testing. Manual testing consists of running the application in conjunction with assistive technologies.

Automated Accessibility Testing

Web Accessibility Testing Tools

iOS Accessibility Testing Tools

Accessibility Testing for iOS is primarilly done through the Accessibility Inspector within X-Code. AXE Dev Tools API is also available for iOS texting and remediation within X-Code.

Android Accessibility Testing Tools

Manual Testing

Manual Testing is the process of testing your application with assistive technologies. While anyone can do this, it is a good idea to hire an accessibility expert to perform this testing since they are familiar with the accessibility standards as well as the ways in which users will utilize the assistive technologies in order to navigate through the application.

For example, a screen reader user can navigate through an application using things such as headings, buttons, form controls, links, or landmarks. These will vary between different platforms. In addition, different screen readers may identify some of these elements differently or require specific key strokes or gestures to navigate via various elements.